Myriam Arnelas und Patrick Rapp



December 26, 2022 

16:00 pm




December 27, 2022 to February 12, 2023

Friday to Sunday

1:00 to 6:00 pm


Myriam Arnelas

In my current works I intend to depict snapshots and memories by assimilating the different atmospheres and trying to capture them in painting. Detached from the representationalism of my earlier works, I combine elements of nature and body shapes on large canvases.  As a result, atmospheric compositions emerge which tend to evoke landscapes. The forms are soft and flowing, sometimes translucent and overlapping, analogous to the gentle changes of perception. It is an attempt to increment the sensuality of our perception, in a protected space, where the boundaries between people and nature merge.




Patrick Rapp - holzArt


About holzArt

In my objects, I try to respond to the wood through a simple design and to bring out the beauty that lies in each piece. I find it exciting to leave the final shape of wet turned objects to the wood through the warping in the drying process. In this way, the wood becomes a co-designer - and my objects become holzArt. Often it is the so-called wood defects that turn an object into a work of art. The wood thus shows us its history, which we do not know, but may see. It is up to me to recognize the hidden work of art and make it visible.


I make bowls up to 90 cm in diameter, vessels, natural edge objects, balls, etc., but also special customer requests I like to implement.