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Margret Achermann



4. September to 17. October 2021

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From the life of Margret Achermann-Voges


Margret was born on April 3, 1940 as the first child of Margarete and Heinrich Voges in Lüneburg.

Her father was in the war. Towards the end of the war, the mother had to fly alone with her 5-year-old Margret and her 3-year-old brother Klaus von Rügen, where she had been raised by her parents, to the grandparents and relatives to Lüneburg.


During this time the father was lost and was later declared dead. Many years later, Margret was informed by the DRK search service that he had died in Russian captivity.


Margret visited the middle school in Lüneburg and received Zei-chen lessons next to the school. After graduating from high school, she went to the Vocational School for the Precious Metal Industry in Schwäbisch Gmünd for seven semesters. After graduating in 1964, she started her first job in Zurich.


Later, as a goldsmith's manager, she moved to Bucherer to Lucerne. There she also met her husband Sepp Achermann von Rothenburg. On September 1, 1967, they both married and took up residence in Lucerne. Margret continued to work as a goldsmith's manager for many years.


As a married couple, Margret and Sepp bought an old farmhouse. There she found her creative fulfillment in peasant painting. For Margret, it was very important that she always dealt with the relevant topic in detail and thereby acquired in-depth knowledge. She did not have half things or superficial knowledge. During this time Margret Truhen painted cabinets, but also cabinets in the art of peasant painting. She was also active as a course leader in this area.  Next, she turned to icon painting. In many courses she has worked in this art and then created wonderful works in countless working hours.



"Painting or writing icons is, on the one hand, the challenge of the technical side, which requires a large number of work steps and a certain dexterity; on the other hand, it is the theme of the icon itself, a pre-given representation that leaves no room for one's own will to create. Icon painting is more of a meditative than a creative activity. "


In the 1980s, Margret took a job in the debt service of the city of Lucerne and taught as a specialist teacher in technical and pictorial forms. She really liked her students. She has always been full of enthusiasm for the creativity, commitment and enthusiasm of children and young people.  Especially in the last decades, painting has become their special passion. She has formed and developed further in various techniques. For example, she regularly attended courses at the School of Painting, Drawing and Design in Lucerne.


In her home-made studio, beautiful watercolors and also impressive oil paintings were created. The separation with the design of three-dimensional images with special materials such as e.g. Sand was another challenge for them.


Mala stays they took to Venice and Greece. She was very proud to show her work at openings and exhibitions and thus to gain a certain fame as a painter.


In April 2007, she traveled to Namibia with her niece for two weeks. The unbelievably impressive landscape and wildlife was then processed by Margret with impressive colors in her images.


Margret was a positive, agile person. She was very communicative and extremely helpful. Age-related health restrictions did not have much significance in their lives.


To the surprise of her relatives and friends, Margret visited the cantonal hospital Lucerne at the beginning of February. Unfortunately, she could not go home. On February 28, 2021, she finally fell asleep peacefully.