OPENING NIGHT - 14 December 2019 at 4:00 pm


EXHIBITION - 15 December 2019 to 26 Januar 2020 

Veronika Suter




Working with glass is the most direct way to meet Rainer Maria Rilke's demand: art should not be a mirror, but a window!


My works are not ICH art, but ES art: The handling of the imponderables of this material is subject to a certain dynamic, the precise implementation of a given creative idea is hardly possible and cannot be repeated, such as improvised music in a jazz session: ES happens. In the area of the unpredictable, emotional or emotional things often develop more directly and impressively: IT moves in, it is colloquially and an “OWN WORLD” opens!


I worked with clay for two decades when I discovered glass more or less by accident 19 years ago. To learn more about the material, I attended the Creative Glass School in Zurich, where internationally recognized artists and teachers such as Jeffrey Sarmiento, Matthew Curtis, Kirstie Rea, Julie A. Denton and Ricardo Reh taught. Impressed by the material, I started to break away from ceramics and experimented with the new medium and its possibilities. Art with glass became an integral part of my life.