Opening by Thomas Dittli and Simon Berger 14 March 2020 


Due to the latest developments around CORONA-VIRUS, the advice of the health authority, to forego larger crowds, we decided to modify our traditional vernissage.


So that you can still meet our two artists and admire your works, the gallery Art87 will offer a longer opening day of Simon Berger’s - and Thomas Dittli’s works on Saturday, March 14th from 3:00 p.m. We hope that many interested people can see the exhibition in stages.


The artists will be present on Saturday, March 14, 2020, greet you with joy and bring them closer to their works.


We hope for your understanding and look forward to your visit.

Simon Berger and Thomas Dittli


Opening Night:   March 14, 2020 um 17:00 Uhr


Exhibition:  March 15 to April 19, 2020 

Thomas Dittli


His pictures contain forces that go far beyond the actual picture area: transformation energies. The room in which his pictures hang begins to live. If you take the time to see the pictures again and again, you will always discover new layers. Thomas Dittli challenges the eyes: to blink, open and close, to approach and distance, to squint - to understand different perspectives. Dittli challenges the eyes to understand different perspectives. Because there is no uniform view. The question arises whether there is resistance behind this playful combination of different perspectives. Not just seeing, but also wrestling, a constant struggle for liberation against the power of habit, against the skill acquired through routine, against opportune courtesy.


Simon Berger Biography



1983 - 1987 primary school in Oberönz

1987 - 1992 secondary school Herzogenbuchsee

1992 - 1996 apprenticeship as a carpenter in Herzogenbuchsee


Professional Activities

4 years self-employed in the area of stair assembly

2 years employment as screen printer

9 years as a winter garden fitter

8 years studio and project work


I was born on April 9, 1976, grew up in Herzogenbuchsee and trained as a carpenter after attending primary and secondary school.


In addition to my manual work as a fitter, I soon showed the creative talent that I was able to live out as a street artist for the time being. The spraying of faces has been further developed. Residual materials such as wood, sheet metal parts, glass and more are now the new materials.


With them and their own expressive possibilities, faces are developed into portraits that testify to an intensive examination of the materials as a means of design.  In this way, I can ideally bring together my craft and artistic talent.


My portraits repeatedly lead to a confrontation with the phenomena of reality, your perception and interpretation.


I look forward to meeting you!