Upcoming Exhibitions




I was born in 1958 in Hospental as the youngest of six children. My current place of residence is in Bern, where I have been working as a chef in the Directorate General of Mobiliar for 30 years!


- Primary school in Hospental and then secondary school in Andermatt.


- Cooking apprenticeship at Hotel Krone Andermatt followed by various seasonal jobs in Switzerland, England, Spain, and Turkey.


Through my travels, especially in the US and Canada, I have discovered my passion for wildlife art painting through role models like Carl Brender Daniel Smith and Robert Bateman! I returned home and bought an easel and paints and began to paint what was difficult because I had no formal education! After years of painting, I was able to organize my own exhibitions every year for the last 10 years! Now is the opportunity to exhibit in my home country which is a great honor for me!






I grew up high above Lake Lucerne, in the small mountain community of Riemenstalden. The mountain world and the people there shaped my artistic work. My favorite pastimes include climbing, skiing and mountain tours.





- Born on April 7, 1965

- Grew up in Riemenstalden SZ

- Attended elementary school in Riemenstalden, upper school in Brunnen

- 1982 to 1986 apprenticeship as carpenter

- 1991 to 1993 training and graduation from the School of Wood Sculpture in Brienz

- from 1993 independent work as a wood sculptor in Riemenstalden and with my own studio until 2000

- from November 2000 moved my own studio to Altdorf, Uri.

- worked as a sculptor and carpenter for over 20 years independently.


My work has been shaped from the beginning by freedom in the mountains. My sculptures and pictures convey an impression of freedom and the quiet power of the mountains. For example, thanks to my technical skills, I also worked in New York. When developing an exclusive apartment, the skills required as a carpenter and sculptor. Large sculptures in Sequoia and Cedar trunks are part of my work, but also small sculptures and reliefs in exquisite woods and in bronze, are made with meticulousness. Even transient works in snow, up to 5 meters high, are part of my artistic work.