3 AUGUST at 5:00 pm





12:00 - 7:00 pm


23 August


Pentagram analysis and modern palm reading in duet.


Pascal Stössel (Modern Palmistry) and Esther Bischofberger (Pentagram Analysis) will show you how to sketch the learning fields, talents and potentials on the basis of birth numbers or a handprint. You will learn what lines, circles, texture of skin mean as well as the validity of individual numbers in your date of birth. For the reflections, Pascal and Esther have selected a few famous people and will take a closer look at them. Before, you will be introduced briefly to the methodology of the two instruments, and in the end they will share their personal insights with you on why it is important to acquire "any" instrument for personal development.

Free entrance, begins at 19.00.


24 August


Personal hand analysis.


Pascal Stössel offers hand analysis in the gallery starting at 09:30 am by reservation only.

One hour analysis including documents and a recording - CHF 250.


Pascal -

Esther -


Painting with Naci


September 1, 2019


Paint as your heart and imagination desires.

Artist Naci Kocaslan shows you different techniques so that you have fun painting without any prior knowledge.


Children 4 years and older

9 am-12 pm- CHF 40



1 pm to 5 pm - CHF 55


All painting materials are provided and are included in the price.


10 October 


The Bearman


Reno Sommerhalder shows his impressive pictures and describes his encounters with bears.  For decades he has studied bears in Canada, Russia, Alaska and Europe. He proves daily that a peaceful co-existence between bear and human is possible.  With his new multimedia show, Sommerhalder invites you for two hours to dive into these original worlds of wonder with him.  With some very close and also potentially hot encounters with Grizzlies, you will be thrilled!


Family presentation at 14.00

Second performance at 19.00


Donations welcome.




Gedeon Regli, Stone Sculptor

Summer Stone Sculpting Courses 2019


Daily and Weekly Courses

Art 87 Andermatt

Eranos Trio Apero


April 14, 2019


Art 87 Andermatt is hosting an Apero on April 14, 2019 at the Art gallery at Gotthardstrasse 87 in Andermatt.  Attendees of the Piano Trio "the Eranos" performance are invited to join the owners (Mari, Lesley and Gedeon) of the gallery in collaboration with the SwissChamberMusicCircle for a get together after the concert.  The Eranos musicians will also be present. 


January 7, 2019 News!


Join us on January 27, 2019!

Pictures from our very interesting book presentation by Max Göldi and Frank Baumann.