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Group Exhibition



Exhibition from Ascension  (26. May 2022) to  Whit Monday (6. June 2022)


Opening Times:

Ascension Day and Whit Monday and Friday to Sunday: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m

and by appointment: 079 69 805 69

Works by national and international artists will be on display in the group exhibition at gallery ART87 in Andermatt at the opening of the summer season, a variety of photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and wall objects.


The Japanese Takahide Komatsu shows subtle, small-format works, while his compatriot Toshiya Kobayashi surprises with black floral motifs.


The fusion of nature and body elements in delicate colors dominate the canvas works of the Swiss artist Myriam Arnelas.


Elements from nature are the inspiration for many of HELE's works. The Swiss artist is represented in this exhibition with wall objects and works on canvas.


In the filigree, subtle works of the Iranian artist Ashkan Sanei, the focus is on the human being: drawings that impress.


With expressive and mysterious fragments of nature, the Swiss artist JJ Frank surprises the viewer with his black and white photographic works.


The Swiss sculptor Carlo Bürgi lives and works in Spain. He is represented in the Art87 gallery with a number of wooden sculptures from his group of works »Visio cap endins« for the season opener.


Sources of inspiration for all the artists mentioned above are nature and people. Ultimately, however, what is important is what happens in the eye of the beholder. Which thoughts develop and which own pictures arise in the mind.

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