Our Purpose


Art 87 Andermatt has been created as an association which aims to promote and care for art and culture in the Ursern Valley.  The purpose is achieved in particular by the association's exhibitions, readings, and events of any kind that carry out any cultural or artistic content. The association can also organize workshops, support artists and operate the gallery.



Mari Russi

Mari Russi was born in Sweden in 1960. She arrived in Geneva, Switzerland in 1975 and came to live and love Andermatt through marriage in 1985.


Mari was brought up in an architectural family which

formed her interest in colours, forms, and texture. Her mother had, beside her regular work, a Gallery in Stockholm promoting artists. This inspired her to open a Pop-up Gallery in 2017 in Andermatt together with Lesley and now ART87.

Lesley Pollock

Lesley Pollock was born in Victoria British Columbia Canada.   She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1967, where she lived until she moved to Andermatt in 2016 with her partner Peter.


Lesley has always been interested in the arts, in particular, oil painting which she works on in her spare time.  Lesley teamed up with Mari in 2017 to open up a Pop-Up Gallery in Andermatt and now is excited to open Art 87 with both Mari and Gedeon.

Gedeon Regli

Gedeon Regli was born in 1986 into a family of stone sculptors in Hospental. He matriculated in stone sculpture at the St. Gallen School of Art.  He also attended advanced training courses in, amongst others, nude-modelling and drawing, 2-and 3-D art, blacksmithing and calligraphy.


In addition to stone, he also works in wood, metal, concrete, leather, clay and plaster - sometimes combining these materials in his creations.  He lives and works in Hospental, Switzerland...


For more information about Gedeon's sculptures, see his website at https://www.gedeonregli.ch